Consumer Information Bureau Review

Hey, guys! There are lots of options available to repair your credit, but I've had quite a bit of experience in this matter, so I thought I would share it with you. After trying several other options, I found a company called Consumer Information Bureau and this is my review of their product.

The thing that sets apart Consumer Information Bureau is that they aren't an online company selling an e-book or software program. They're a brick-and-mortar company located in Pompano Beach, Florida and they actually have a telephone number you can call (1-800-535-1255 ext. 300). That was a big plus for me because I had a lot of questions to ask before I made my decision.

That means that you can get answers to your questions from a real person instead of having to rely on a web page. What about price? Of course, you can use the web and get an e-book on credit repair for as little as $49 and the program for sale at Consumer Information Bureau is, I think $299 (but you can get $50 off by having a special code extension. I used 300.) The question is: Is it worth paying the extra amount?

Law firms can charge thousands of dollars for the same outcome, but my research indicates that they don't do anything you can't do with one of the services below, and they actually take longer and you still have to do most of the work yourself, so I don't think they're a good option.

Decide for yourself about the money. My feeling is that almost any price is totally worthwhile to get your credit fixed, although, as you will see, there's no reason to spend more than a few hundred for a great outcome.

Since I've tried several credit repair e-books and two other software products, I thought I would post my experiences. (I never used a credit repair law firm because of the cost, so I didn't include that.) I had a very good experience with Consumer Information Bureau, but you have to decide if they're right for you.

Let's take a look at the differences:

Credit Repair
Credit Repair Software*
Consumer Information Bureau

$49 to $149
$139 to $379
E-books and software vary widely in price,but mostly they all use the same system. Even Consumer Information Bureau takes advantage of the same laws, but they do it in a totally different way.
Consumer Information Bureau has figured out how to eliminate the "frivolous and irrelevant dispute" response, which means none of my disputes were returned without an investigation--a first for me.
Ease of Use
Both the regular software and Consumer Information Bureau are simpler than the e-books, which are only sets of instructions.CIB's system doesn't require you to enter data.
Software companies will offer technical help, but only Consumer Information Bureau has telephone support about the actual process. And the people are great.
Consumer Information Bureua has a performance guarantee that isn't limited by time, so that's why they get an extra star.
Consumer Information Bureau comes out ahead of the pack, but you have to decide if it's worth the money. For me, there's no question that it is. I actually hurt my credit by using some of the cheaper options, so I wish I had found CIB earlier. But everyone is different, so you decide.

* This does not include the cheapo $39 products out there, which aren't worth anything. The better programs tend to cost more.

By the way, my FICO score went from 588 to 690 in less than four months.
Good luck!