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All Gurus are required to read at least chapters 1 and 2 of Google Hacks available at and for as little as $11 (retail: $25) or at your local library for free. This book will help you take advantage of some little-known and powerful features of the world's most popular search engine. You will be responsible for knowing this information.

If you want an excellent primer on Google, download this PowerPoint presentation. It's a 3.6 mb zip file that will take a while to download. You must have Powerpoint to view it. After it downloads, double-click on the file and then click on F5 to start the slide show.

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Google is a powerful resource, but most people have only scratched the surface of its potential. To discover all the amazing things Google can do, click on this list of Google links. You'll discover why I don't refer to Google as a search engine, but rather a resource. Prepare to be amazed.

An essential program for all Solution Gurus is Dave's Quick Search Deskbar.

It's free, it sits quietly in your system tray and it saves you time by making it easy to search the web (just type in an item or web site and hit Enter), access a calendar (right-click or double-click), or any of hundreds of other time-savers.

This should be standard equipment with any Windows system. As you can see, it doesn't take up any room because it replaces your clock. Active web searchers will use it 50 to 100 times a day or more.

If you want the date and time to appear like the one in the screenshot above, the calendar to appear with a double-click instead of a right-click, and the little magnifying glass icon to disappear, then unzip this file and extract the resulting file (localprefs.js) to the folder where the program is stored, replacing the existing file of the same name.

The file is probably located in C:\Program Files\Quick Search Deskbar.

Most online newsletters are worthless, but there is one that stands out: Langalist. It's hardware and software information for all Windows users. It regularly receives the highest ratings by industry magazines, values your privacy, and is always a good use of your time. Click Here to sign up for FREE. For 14 cents an issue, go ahead and get the PLUS edition. It's worth every penny.

Another time-saving newsletter is Neat Net Tricks, which focuses on programs and shortcuts to make your computing experience more effective. The NNT premium version is only $12 per year. Just go ahead and fork over the 12-dollar bill. You'll be glad you did.

Frustrated with the high cost of inkjet cartridges? We are too. We discovered a place with the best prices (sometimes less than half of Office Depot's), a 100% guarantee, free shipping, no tax, and fantastic service. Really. Visit their web site, or, better yet, call their friendly staff: 1-888-465-7765. They're open 10:00 to 7:00 EST.

When looking for information about a topic, always check to see if there is an article on the subject there.

We're big fans of GuruNet, a free software/online solution for the fastest way to find definitions, synonyms (thesaurus), and lots more. Just hold down ALT and click on a word. If you don't want to pay for the annual subscription (a little steep at $30 we think), make sure to cancel within the first two weeks.

The quickest way to find files on your computer (amazingly quick) is It indexes your folders like search engines index the web. It's so much better than the search feature in Windows, and it's free.

AvaFind (above) is great for finding files on your computer, but if you want to find every file that has a particular word or phrase in it, you need Wilbur. It's a free program that uses indexing technology and can find any text anywhere on your computer in under two seconds. Wow!


Google Primer (zip file in Powerpoint)
Sample report (zip file in PDF format)

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